While there may be a belief in America that out-of-hospital based providers have limited tools or maybe even just a feather, some herbs and a cauldron, our list is quite extensive. Listed below is a partial list of our supplies, tools, and meds:

Well Being and Vital Sign Monitoring

  • Sphygmometer (blood pressure cuff)

  • Stethoscopes for adult and newborn

  • Electronic fetal monitor for use in pregnancy for non stress tests (NSTs)

  • Ultrasound and television monitor for the family’s viewing, gel, printer for pics

  • Dopplers (hand held to hear fetal heartbeat and doppler gel)

  • Tape measure (for belly growth and to measure newborns)

  • Pulse oximeter for CCHD (critical congenital heart disease screening) or to be used during resuscitation

  • Laboratory set up for blood draws, cultures, amniotic fluid detection, PAP smears, microscope, PH paper, urinary dip-sticks, pregnancy tests, newborn screen tests, etc.

  • Intravenous fluids (IV) set-up

  • Urinary catheters

  • Two full nitrous oxide set-ups with nitrous oxide and oxygen mixers

  • Newborn resuscitation tray including: oxygen source, Ambu-bag (bag, mask, valve), laryngeal mask airway (LMA), oximeter, suction tubes and a transport bed with heat unit

  • Resuscitation Ambu-bag for adults (never used...but why not be prepared?)

  • Oxygen cylinders and adult masks

  • Instruments to cut cord, suture, place IUDs, provide insemination services and other well woman services

  • Disposable supplies (sterile gloves, underpads, sterile gel, peri-bottle, 'granny' undies, pads, baby diapers, suture material, syringes, hazardous waste bags, non-sterile gloves, etc.

Vitamin and Herb List

Turns out, this list is way longer than our medication list. We have a large assortment of supplements, homeopathics and herbal remedies that some midwives use during labor and for purchase during prenatal and postpartum care. We offer many supplements in our clinic at prices less than retail for your convenience.

Medication List

  • Vitamin K (for newborn if requested)

  • Erythromycin eye ointment (for newborn if requested)

  • Pitocin (not to be used in labor, only to prevent or treat a hemorrhage)

  • Methergine (postpartum only)

  • Misoprostol (postpartum only)

  • Tranexamic Acid* (for postpartum use)

  • Antibiotics for prophylactic use (only for GBS positive people)

  • Tdap immunization* (3rd trimester dose if desired)

  • Hydroxyzine* ("sleep Mama...still early labor”)

  • Hepatitis B injection* (for newborn if requested)

  • Hormone replacement therapy* (peri-menopause and menopause)

  • Oral and implant hormonal birth control* (well woman care)

  • Lidocaine (for use while suturing)

  • RhoGam injection (for RH negative women)

  • Terbutaline* (stops contractions in emergencies)

*CNM only

Birth Support Tools (partial list)

  • Birth tubs (plenty of hot water at the birth center!)

  • Birth balls of all sizes and shapes (including peanut ball for labor progress)

  • Yoga sling

  • Birth stools of different types

  • Hot towel heater

  • Rice socks, heating pads, hot water bottles

  • Herbal (arnica) massage oils

  • Love (oxytocin), gravity, patience, time and privacy - all our best tools!

Alma Midwifery Medications.jpg
Alma Midwifery Medications.jpg